Prices, shipping costs and delivery information

Product prices shown on pages include statutory value added tax and other pricing components.

Delivery everywhere in the world.

In addition to the shown prices, we charge a flat rate of € 6.90 per order for delivery within Germany. Shipping costs are clearly communicated to you in the shopping cart system and on the order page. For orders over 49 euros, delivery is free. Other taxes and fees are excluded.

There is no charge for shipping digital content (e-books, software, etc.). Shipping costs € 6.90. Shipping costs include statutory value added tax. Since VAT is calculated at a flat rate of shipping costs based on the items purchased, it can be reduced if items are purchased at lower VAT rates (for example, when buying books). This means that the final calculation of the fixed cost of delivery can only be made during the checkout process. However, it cannot be higher than the indicated value.