Who we are


Agropha GmbH is a small company, was founded in 2018.
We started by developing and distributing pharmaceutical products from hemp seed oil and hemp extract.
Then we expanded the range of products in our store by adding natural products.

Here you can also find a handicrafts. Thus, you can create your own unique high quality products from natural materials. We have also included in assortment the goods, which are intended for the home.

Our goal is to work with you for to reduce our ecological footprint.

All our suppliers are thoroughly vetted. We control how and where the products are manufactured and which ingredients are used. All suppliers sell only high quality products, which meet the requirements of the standards of our website.

We are constantly working to expand the range. For this purpose, among other things, we are also in Partnerships with small craft businesses in the German region for to support them in their fight against the online giants.


Our Team

Hans Werner Maus
Managing Director



I am always moving, unstoppable and always have new ideas that are need to be implemented. Additionally, I dealt with the area of wellness. I am a certified Spa & Wellness trainer.


Patricia Maus
accounting manager



I’m not just responsible for accounting, my help is needed in the camp too. In my free time I produce different items from BIO wool by myself. I am also a certified Wellness & Spa Manager.


Franziska Kammel
Online shop manager, national


I am a creative person. I deal with organizational issues of the company, website design, communicate with suppliers and add new items to the assortment. In my free time, I also help in the camp.

I am the contact person for all national customers and suppliers.




Telefon: 0151 17832273
E-Mail: Franziska@agropha.de

Marina Stefanenko
Online shop manager, international


I am a source of ideas and always looking for new suppliers and creative new items for our range. Here I use my native language skills in Russian and my very good knowledge of English. I also actively help out in the camp. I am the contact person for international customers and suppliers.



Telefon: 0151 54946655

E-Mail: Marina@agropha.de

AGROPHA GMBH in pictures